Sauza presents the nightwatch | La Razza

In the series De NachtWacht (The NightWatch) Sauza portraits friends, ready for nightly adventures. First up: La Razza. La Razza is an Amsterdam based creative collective which throws events in Ludwig and Paradiso.

How did La Razza start?

Casper Reijnders [famous Amsterdam entrepreneur] asked us [Djordy Latumahina and Rowena Aarts] to create a concept for the upper floor at Rosa’s Cantina, a restaurant with Mexican roots.

I decided to get acquainted with Mexican culture and its habits. I stumbled upon the “Dia de La Razza”; the day on which people of all races come together to celebrate. (“It actually exists because of the new race that was created when Europeans and Indians started to mix”) This was a great way for us to describe the place we wanted to create. A place where people from every color and all walks of life would want to go to..

What’s your main goal?

To create a memorable party that’s easily accessible for everyone to enjoy.

What’s the composition of the La Razza team?

We have (too) many dj’s, a bunch of sexy photographers and of course there’s Djordy Latumahina and Rowena Aarts.

What’s everyone’s specific job within the team?

Djordy is responsible for the creative part of the event. Rowena always pieces together a well-arranged overview of where and when each dj is performing. She also plays an executive part in the realization of the event. The dj’s are free to play whatever they want, as long as our guests can dance to it..

How did this group come to exist? How long have you guys been together now?

I think La Razza in Rose’s Cantina has created a solid base for us to work together  with the dj’s. Originally the plan was for Djordy to spin the decks the entire evening, but that idea has been completely changed because of the enthusiasm of the dj’s. Within a short period of time we had 5 new faces behind the wheels of steel every Friday!

What do you think is the key to La Razza’s success?

The fact that it’s something everyone can enjoy. Anyone can celebrate his or her birthday over here and feel like the entire event is their party..

Can you tell us something about your special bond / your friendship?

The TNO-boys have joined the La Razza team pretty quickly and we’ve grown into a creative collective where everyone has developed his own specific talent. If you look at it, we are just a group of close friends, doing what we do best at La Razza. Djordy’s DJ-friends also play an important part. Every week we have a good mix of 1 or 2 members of the TNO crew, 1 new dj and one of Djordy’s friends.

What kind of adventures did you experience together (both during your work and in private, as a group of friends)? 

The boys that are part of TNO are also involved in the successful Filling Pieces project, a few of them work for Daily Paper too. The other dj’s and people that are involved in La Razza are all very active in their own businesses.

What will the future bring?

Lots of great things, you better keep a close eye on us before you miss out on the good stuff!

Nachtwacht 2.30

Pictures by: Milan Goldbach Photography