Moxy x Fat Kids Cake | Entering New York into the world of Moxy

Last month Fat Kids Cake received an invite by the new hotel brand Moxy. This new kid on the block is an initiative of the Marriot international, which launched in 2014 and is planning to conquer every millennial (and friends) while visiting their favourite city.

Somewhere in the beginning of 2018 Moxy will open their first hotel at the Houthavens in Amsterdam. To already become familiar with this new hotspot, we were invited to visit the hotel in New York at Time Square, which included an exclusive rooftop party.

Moxy is a fun, vibrant and stylish hotel designed to give guests everything they want for an affordable price. New York City’s Moxy time Square hotel 612 obsessively designed rooms, three separate rooftop cocktail bars and two restaurants. With more than 32 already signed deals for Moxy in the U.S. including the most relevant cities: Los Angeles, Seattle and Miami. There are more than 60 approved Moxy Hotel deals for Europe and Asia.

To compare Moxy with a hotel in Amsterdam it will probably get the closest to the popular Hoxton. The big difference between the hotels is probably the price range. An average night at the Moxy will (depends on date) will cost around the 120 euros.


Inside a Moxy hotel room. Courtesy Michael Kleinberg/Moxy


Hotel Bar Made at the second floor of the Moxy Hotel NY. Courtesy Michael Kleinberg/Moxy

Our trip was including an exclusive Moxy party hosted by the in-house bar “Made”. Famous guests of the night were; Krysten Ritter, Chanel Iman, Coco Rocha and Team Vic to name a few. Check out the pictures!

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