FKC journal | International Women’s day (Bolivia)

Normally you will read all about parties, fashion and lifestyle on our platform, but for the coming two weeks we will keep you up-to-date with a very special human rights project. Co-founder Ilsoo joined Mensen met een Missie for the project “100 reporters”together with Sarah Reinhoudt (Wanderlust) they travelled to Bolivia to see how the organization supports local projects (which focusses on violence on women). 

Violence against women in Bolivia

There’s a lot of violence against women in Bolivia. Seven out of the ten women are dealing with physical or sexual abuse. I haven’t seen any violence in the streets in Bolivia so far, but it happens at home where you won’t see it.


“I thought it was normal that my husband physically humiliated me” – Patricia

The organization ‘Mensen met een Missie’ supports young people and victims and I got the chance to talk with these women and to share their stories with you.

Today it’s International Women’s day, the day where we celebrate women’s achievements and opportunities worldwide. A very important day for these women in Bolivia.


Our visit at Tekova Katu, a boarding school near Santa Cruz 

About Mensen met een Missie
Mensen met een Missie was founded in 1931 and is involved in about 350 initiatives of partner organizations in 16 target countries, Africa, Asia and Latin America. They join forces and coordinate their programmes with other stakeholders in each of the 16 countries.

DSC_6760 DSC_6927

People passing by during our trip to Sucre (2800 m)

One of the countries is Bolivia, where they support local organisation Fundacion Levantate Mujer in 5 different cities. Levantate Mujer, means women who stand up’ is the organization who helps women to build up an independent life and teach them the rights for women (that’s it not normal that their husband is beaten them up).  These women have has a hard time: now money to feed their kids and there was no place where they could go to. Finally there’s a place where they can go to.


Children at one of the shelter homes of Fundacion Levantate Mujer

One of the things they are focusing on is reducing the violence against women by learning women what their rights are. Mensen met een Missie is supporting this topic with workshops. Women get the change to enter one of the shelter homes of Fundacion Levantate Mujer where they learn how to cook, sew, knitting and more for free.

DSC_7086 DSC_7007

Women of  Fundacion Levantate Mujer in full focus during the workshops.


They also have the opportunity to learn how to work with computers. Mensen met een Missie offers workshops every month where women get informed about women rights and how to educate their kids. This local organisation offers child service upstairs for their kids between 2.5-5 years old and for kids from 5-6 years old they help out with school stuff for their children that go to school. This way they make it a lot easier for women to take courses and workshops since they don’t have to babysit. All women talk super positive about the shelter and the workshops and are very thankful.

Hopefully it’s gives you a better understanding of where the money will go when you donate. If you haven’t done it yet then please do! It’s a beautiful initiative and they need your help to keep on supporting these women.

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