FKC journal | The Tekova Katu boarding school (Bolivia)

After our arrival in Bolivia we travelled to Tekova Katu, a boarding school near Santa Cruz, where we stayed for two days. Tekova Katu offers education to students in the age of 18 till 30 years. Although the program is free, it’s hard to get in. The school houses “only” 150 students.

Tekova Katu was established by Tarcisio, an Italian preacher who started this project in the early 80s. The school offers a nursing, social and a technical education program. Mensen met een missie supports this school by funding the workshops about gender equity. This is very important because gender based violence is one of the biggest problems in the Bolivian society.

Entrance of the Tekova Katu boarding school

Diner in the making

Cute girl helping out in the kitchen.

The students are very thankful to be able to participate in this two-year study program. They work hard to complete their studies to eventually return back home where their main focus is “to help others” making their country a better place for family and friends. And eventually, the whole Bolivian society. This is crucial, since people in Bolivia live in poverty. It’s beautiful to hear that “helping others” is a common goal for these students.