FKC journal | A memorable day in Sucre we will never forget

After our stay at Tekova Katu we travelled by plane to Sucre, which is the constitutional capital of Bolivia. The city is located in the south-central part of the country and lies at an elevation of 2.810 meters. Sucre -‘la ciudad blanca’ also known as the white city is famous for it’s historic buildings, indigenous culture, nightlife, bars and restaurants. An old-world charm place that is unlike any other. It seems so peaceful, but behind doors a lot happens.

International womensday protest march
For some women in the world the 8th of March is just another ordinary day, but for women in Bolivia it is ‘the day’ that they fight against violence. We marched on the streets in Sucre with around 50 women who all have something in common; they are humiliated and scarred for life. I’ve asked myself the question, will this ever stop?!

The “future” is ready for equity.

Women standing up for their deserved rights.

In the early morning we went with our group of volunteers to the Levantate de Mujer office where around 50 women were ready to march the streets of Sucre. We marched with them! They were holding brown papers and shouted what rights they should and want to have: the right to study, the right to work, the right to choose who to marry…… To make an end to pay discrimination based on gender!

We gathered around at Playa Major with lots of other women and luckily also some men.  Aracely, 21 years old – Marilena, 17 years –  Ligia, 36 year – these are a few of the names and ages of women who are murdered, beaten to dead or burned. These names are visible on a ribbon of waving flags on the square. The leaders of Levantate de Mujer gave interviews to local radio and tv shows. The problem is clearly visible today and that’s definitely needed.

A few of the names with ages of women who are murdered, beaten to dead or burned because of violence

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One of the leaders of the Levantate de Mujer project is getting interviewed while protesting.


Women of the Levantate de Mujer project

In the afternoon we spoke with some of the women who participate in projects of Levantate de Mujer.

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Patricia – “My husband punched me several times. I got 3 fractured ribs and a damaged face and more.. But even worse, he physically humiliated me.”

Her story got me. She closed her eyes and began her story: ” I have a past of violence, my husband punched me several times. I got 3 fractured ribs and a damaged face and a lot more.. But even worse, he physically humiliated me. I wasn’t good enough for him and my children. He tortured one of  my children and she died. I still didn’t know what to do, so I let him do his thing for many years. Eventually I got in contact with this organization via a neighbor. I left my husband and I’m still so happy that I did! My children an i spoke with a psychologist and we learned how to move forward. I want to be there for my children, so therefore I learned how to cook, sew etc. I got my confidence back and my children do much better!”