Support the human rights of women in Bolivia | Mensen met een missie

Giving back is key! On the 2nd of March, Fat Kids Cake Co-founder and photographer Ilsoo van Dijk will join Sarah Reinhoudt (Wanderlust) for a charity project in Bolivia. This project, by the organization “Mensen met een missie” supports the human rights of women in Bolivia. 

Violence against women is becoming a huge problem in the Bolivian society. Seven out of ten women are dealing with physical or sexual abuse. Although Bolivia implemented a law back in 2012 that has to protect women from violence, in practice there is not much of a change.

Video by: Laurens Smit

To see how the organization “Mensen met een missie” (People with a mission) is defending these woman rights and to give these Bolivian women hope for the future, we are traveling to Bolivia on the second of march. You are able to follow us through social media. To find more information about this project or to make a donation, please click on the link below. Thank you!

Link: Support Mensen met een Missie

(S.O. too everyone who helped us!)